.:My Escape:.

My Escape

New Releases from GABRIEL, DAPPA, & UNORTHODOX!!!!

Hair: Action Mesh Hair Joe

Shirt: ::GB:: Loose shirt 2014      NEW

Pants: <kal rau> Casual Chino

Shoes: -Entente- Emile Loafers

Pose: Unorthodox Poses – Alex     NEW @ SOHO

Tattoo: -D A P P A- Calaveras Tattoo     NEW






Bedroom Set: +CONVAIR+ Minimalist Bedroom Set dark      NEW @ TLC

Shadowbox: +Half-Deer+ Swallows In Flight – Shadow Box    NEW @ TLC

Top: (AMD) Jeans n’ T Blogger      NEW

Pants:  [JuSt CoOl] OMG Jeans

Bag: Apple May Designs – Travel Case – Anarchy *Limited Edition*     NEW

Snapback: [BUC] “Fresh” Fifty-4 Snapback      NEW

Skin: -Labyrinth- Spear Skin  Skin Fair 2014

.:Travel All Around The World To Meet Her:.

Travel all around the world to meet her


New Releases from ACTION @ Mens Dept, CONSIGNMENT @ Arcade Gacha Event, & DAPPA!!!!



Camera: [Con.] Travellers Desk – Camera       NEW @  Arcade Gacha  Event

Chair: [Con.] Travellers Desk – Chair         NEW @  Arcade Gacha  Event

Globe: [Con.] Travellers Desk – Globe       NEW @  Arcade Gacha  Event

Book/passport/ ticket/map: [Con.] Travellers Desk – Jubilees Travels      NEW @  Arcade Gacha  Event

Board: [Con.] Travellers Desk – Peg Board     NEW @  Arcade Gacha  Event

Rug: [Con.] Travellers Desk – Rug     NEW @  Arcade Gacha  Event

Suitcase: [Con.] Travellers Desk – Travelled Suitcase     NEW @  Arcade Gacha  Event

Table: [Con.] Travellers Desk – Table RARE       NEW @  Arcade Gacha  Event

Tablet & Plug: [Con.] Travellers Desk – Tablet & Plug       NEW @  Arcade Gacha  Event

Hair: Action Jimmy     NEW @ Mens Dept

Hat: Action Mesh Swagga Hat Los Santos       NEW @ Mens Dept

Shirt: -D A P P A- Baseball Tee – Lisa     NEW

Pants: [JuSt CoOl] Sweatpants


.:Invitation To…:.

Invitation to...


New Releases from GABRIEL, JUST COOL @ Mens Dept, & XIAJ @ Chapter Four!!!!



Hair: *Dura-Boys&Girls*46

Jacket: ::GB::Vintage denim jacket   NEW  @ Mens Dept

Pants: [JuSt CoOl] OMG Jeans    NEW @ Mens Dept

Shoes: ::GB:: Studs Flat shoes    NEW @ Mens Dept 

Bag: / XIAJ / Ibi Messenger Bags    NEW@ Chapter Four

Coffee: .:Hermony:. / Coffee

.:Off To Never Never Land:.

We're off to never never land


New Releases from BAD UNICORN, DYNASTY @ Arcade event, & BLVCK ANCHOR!!!!


Cap: [BUC] “Higher Powers” Fifty-3 Snapback      NEW

Shirt: [ dynasty ] – Delta Tee – Paradise RARE   NEW @  Arcade Event

Pants: `Blvck Anchor` NoTrust Jeans      NEW

Feet: [CheerNo] Feet V.3 Fit Mesh

.:This Darkness Kills Me:.

This Darkness kills me

New Releases from BLVCK ANCHOR, DOZZE, & F.OWL!!!!

Hair: Action – Joe Hair  

Glasses: `Blvck Anchor` Ray Bans Black       NEW

Jacket: DOZZE – Fearless Jacket        NEW

Pants: <kal rau> Casual Chino

Belt: F.owl - Teschio Belt        NEW

Shoes: `Blvck Anchor`Black Chelsea Boots       NEW

.:Rest Your Senses:.

Rest Your Senses

New Releases from F.OWL, BEUSAME!!!

Hair: Action Mesh Hair Shaun     NEW

Mug: Beusame ::Jacket    NEW

Pants: F.owl  - Patchy Sweatpants     NEW

Pose: Unorthodox Poses – Fashion Killa    NEW

Tattoo: [IC] Skull&Roses Full Upper Body Tattoo (Black) Unisex   NEW

.:You Can’t Save Me:.

You Can't Save Me


New Releases from EPIA, & LABYRINTH!!!


Fedora: (epia) – Fedora      NEW

Mask: (epia) – Operator Mask    NEW

Shirt: flow . Sleeveless Epix

Pants:[coepio] Mr.Januar

Shoes: [Deadwool] Trauermarsch Boots

Bag: (epia) – Dufflebag

Eyes: -Labyrinth- Radiant Eyes     NEW

Watch: *BLITZED* Legacy Watch