.:Let’s Play A Little Game:.

Let's Play a little game

New Releases From IRON CLAW, M.O.W! & UNORTHODOX for the Hair Fair opens tomorrow July 13th!!

Braids & Beanie Hat: Unorthodox Nipsey Braids                             NEW ONLY @ The Hair Fair

Sunglasses: [IC] MESH 80s Custom SunGlasses                                                 NEW

Nose Piercing:[F  A R U K] DALI’ / SEPTUM                                                  NEW

Facial Hair: [IC] (Facial Hair) Full Heavy Beard .::Sinner::.                                            NEW

Sweater: [M.o.w] Q2 Sweater                                                                                  NEW


Tattoo: [IC] Full Upper Body Tattoo .::Raiden::.                                                  NEW

Pose Animation: `Blvck Anchor`- Bum                                              NEW


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