.:Travel All Around The World To Meet Her:.

Travel all around the world to meet her


New Releases from ACTION @ Mens Dept, CONSIGNMENT @ Arcade Gacha Event, & DAPPA!!!!



Camera: [Con.] Travellers Desk – Camera       NEW @  Arcade Gacha  Event

Chair: [Con.] Travellers Desk – Chair         NEW @  Arcade Gacha  Event

Globe: [Con.] Travellers Desk – Globe       NEW @  Arcade Gacha  Event

Book/passport/ ticket/map: [Con.] Travellers Desk – Jubilees Travels      NEW @  Arcade Gacha  Event

Board: [Con.] Travellers Desk – Peg Board     NEW @  Arcade Gacha  Event

Rug: [Con.] Travellers Desk – Rug     NEW @  Arcade Gacha  Event

Suitcase: [Con.] Travellers Desk – Travelled Suitcase     NEW @  Arcade Gacha  Event

Table: [Con.] Travellers Desk – Table RARE       NEW @  Arcade Gacha  Event

Tablet & Plug: [Con.] Travellers Desk – Tablet & Plug       NEW @  Arcade Gacha  Event

Hair: Action Jimmy     NEW @ Mens Dept

Hat: Action Mesh Swagga Hat Los Santos       NEW @ Mens Dept

Shirt: –D A P P A– Baseball Tee – Lisa     NEW

Pants: [JuSt CoOl] Sweatpants



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